Jul 052018

well, this finishes (?) an unintentional run of shows from duc des lombards in paris.  this show by makaya mccraven is a little different than the last two postings here, more improvisational.  and having marquis hill on trumpet is a real plus.  see also this posting of a marquis hill show with makaya mccraven on drums, a nice counterpoint to this show.

the new york times had a good review of a makaya mccraven show (from a few months earlier, with a slightly different lineup) that touches on some of his techniques, and this show has a few comments on the same (just before a great cover of miles davis’ shivad from “live evil”).

‘elgaucho’ shared this on dime a couple of days after the show was broadcast.


makaya mccraven
duc des lombards
paris, france
3 november 2016

makaya mccraven, drums
marquis hill, trumpet
rob clearfield, piano
matthew gold, guitar
junius paul, bass

set list :

01 three fifths a man 28:32
02 announcements 2:41
03 she knew 10:55
04 announcements 1:40
05 hungarian lullaby 8:42
06 announcements 2:47
07 sivad – yesternow 15:18

1:10:35 minutes

source : tsf (fm) / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample: t03 she knew.mp3
download: MakayaMcCraven_2016-11-03_DucdesLombards_ParisFrance.zip

covers by pete:  car wash detail.

May 222018

‘perks’ shared this on dime back in august 2015.  i pulled this show back up after i read or heard something about marquis hill &/or blacktet recently.  no idea where.  but this turned out to be a real jem, and perks’ recording does it justice.

justin thomas

marquis hill blacktet
mears park – twin cities jazz fest
st. paul, mn
june 27, 2015

marquis hill, trumpet
christopher mcbride, alto sax
justin thomas, vibes
joshua ramos (?), bass
makaya mccraven, drums

1. stage announcements 1:28
2. ut 9:28
3. band intros 1:20
4. white shadows 7:32
5. the essense 7:07
6. ut 23:36
7. ut 13:32
8. ut 3:06
9. ut 5:10
10. outro 2:55

tt 1:15:15

source: schoeps mk5’s (cardioid position/ortf pattern > active cables > nbox > ediol r-05 @ 24/48. recorded on a 3.5′ stand on the center aisle – row 10.
transfer: 16gb sdhc card > dell pc > 24bit wav > sony sound forge 9.0e > cdwave editor > trader’s little helper > flac16.

recorded and transferred by perks.

samples:  marquis hill blacktet 2015-06-27 t02.mp3 and  marquis hill blacktet 2015-06-27 t07.mp3
download:  MarquisHillBlacktet_2015-06-27_MearsPark_StPaulMN.zip

covers by pete, using a modified photo originally from the minnesota spokesman-recorder website.