Sep 232021

sticking with the new (and possibly temporary) alphabetical scheme, which b.t.w. is going by given names, here’s baptiste trotignon with a nice lineup including two of my recent favorite musicians, stéphane belmondo & magic malik.  things are opening up here, but i’ve still not been able to make it to any shows.  fingers crossed!

baptiste trotignon and guests
duc des lombards, paris, france
22 may 2008

baptiste trotignon (piano)
rick margitza (tenor sax)
stéphane belmondo (flugelhorn, trumpet)
magic malik (flute)

1. talk 4:51

set 1:
2. love dance (ivan lins) 11:54
3. like sun (trotignon) 10:16
4. untitled (trotignon) 10:20
5. dexter (trotignon) 11:55
6. xp3/ce merveilleux voyage (malik) 12:35
7. blowin’ suite (trotignon) 35:27

set 2:
8. blue (trotignon) 6:49
9. three for two (trotignon) 8:04
10. darn that dream (jimmy van heusen) 6:09 (cut out)


fm > wav (wavelab) > flac (frontend level 8)
jazz club, france musique, 23 may 2008
talk by claude carrière & jean delmas

sample: t03 like sun 256k.mp3

photo is a stock image from the internet.