Jul 282021

wooph!  how things work out!  i started out a little while ago all set to upload an absolutely super show by jackie mclean in old cabell hall at the university of virginia, only to find it was already on nowbodhi’s☾✺☽blissness☯ (hope those characters show up ok!).   slightly different tracking than my copy, but definitely the same recording, you should totally have a listen.  by then i was sort of over-full with jackie mclean anyway, having listened to him all day long, and ended up just a few bars down the “j’s” with this stunning show by james carter (not to be confused betty, ron, or benny carter, whose shows are also available here).  another little jem lurking away!  and, double bonus, nowbodhi was a new find for me as well!

i’m off on vacation for 3 weeks (well, a bit of work will need to be done, but mostly vacation), so things might be a bit slow around here.  or not — taking the laptops, main usb drive and speakers, so who knows?  still, don’t hold your breath, and have a good august!  that reminds me, need to backup that monster before i go…

james carter’s organ trio
jazz en touraine
montlouis-sur-loire, france
14 sept 2012

james carter saxophones, flute
gerard gibbs organ
leonard king drums

01- jc talks 1:32
02- rouge 10:27
03- the hard blues 16:50
04- killer joe 16:01
05- ut (fades out) 13:36
06- ut (fades in) 5:03
07- milestones 10:06
08- ut 13:53

tt 1:27:27

source : tsf (fm) / naim uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

updated to reflect gerald gibbs being on organ, not bass.

sample: t03 the hard blues 256k.mp3
download: JamesCarterOrganTrio_2012-09-14_Montlouis-sur-Loire_France.zip

pic is a youtube screen grab, from a jcot show at miles davis hall, montreux, switzerland on 7 july 2012