May 112020

this is the only trumpet-guitar duo that i remember hearing.  i’ve been listening to the show bit-by-bit over the last 24 hours, as various things have kept me away from the computer (not necessarily a bad thing), and it’s been growing on me.  they take it from one extreme – just guitar – to the other – just trumpet – and back again, which gives the show a nice balance.  sorry about the setlist; there was none and almost every time i try to identify a song, the title is always at the tip of my tongue…

fabrizio bosso – irio de paula
cortile della rocca dei boiardo
scandiano, italy
august 4 2010

fabrizio bosso tp
irio de paula g

01- (04:05)
02- (06:56)
03- (06:24)
04- (06:51)
05- (06:39)
06- (02:00)
07- (04:37)
08-  mack the knife (05:55)
09- georgia on my mind (06:19)
10- (05:13)
11- (04:14)

aud recording
sony md mz-rh910 hi-sp – atrac -wav-flac 8

sample: track 05.mp3 and t08 mack the knife.mp3