Aug 102020

well, i’m on a little vacation, but this time i did a full backup and brought along the main usb drive since we were driving.  how much padding around a usb drive is enough, really?  all good so far, including this show.

omar sosa – joo kraus – gustavo ovalles
bremen, germany
14 sept 2014

omar sosa – piano
joo kraus – trumpet
gustavo ovalles – percussion

01 moforibale (omar sosa)
02 iyawo (omar sosa)
03 days remembered (omar sosa, joo kraus)
04 1993 recaredo (omar sosa)
05 african feeling (omar sosa, joo kraus)
06 alternativo (omar sosa)
07 talking
08 in the south (omar sosa, joo kraus)
09 el commentario (omar sosa)
10 free moment (omar sosa)
11 light in the sky (omar sosa) / space base / furuco groove (omar sosa, joo kraus)
12 muevete en d (intro) (omar sosa) / muevete en d (omar sosa)
13 latin moment (omar sosa, joo kraus)

min 111:54

fm (analog cable) – audacity – xact

nordwestradio in concert: pop & jazz

sample: t02 iyawo.mp3