Sep 192017

here’s another freddie hubbard show, from almost exactly 10 years later.  why have one when two will do as well or (as here) even better?  saturday turned into a bit of a hubbard-fest around here, not stopping with two shows, but that’s all for tonight.

this was (re)seeded by ubu on dime back in 2008.

freddie hubbard – mccoy tyner – elvin jones
“coltrane memorial quintet”
berlin (de), jazzfest
november 6, 1987

freddie hubbard – trumpet
sonny fortune – tenor & soprano sax
mccoy tyner – piano
reggie workman – bass
elvin jones – drums

1. blues minor (15:52)
2. naima (8:08)
3. a love supreme (25:15):
part 1 – acknowledgement
part 2 – resolution
4. chim chim cheree (13:46)
5. mr. p.c. (4:41)

tt: 67:45

sound: a/a-
lineage: fm > ? > cdr > eac > flac
additional lineage (this re-seed): > cdr > eac (secure) > flac (8,asb,verify)

re-seed by ubu 2008-01-05, in memory of freddie hubbard

sample: t5 mr p.c.mp3

  13 Responses to “hubbard tyner jones “coltrane memorial quintet” – 6 nov 1987, berlin jazzfest”

  1. !cwxHCR0HtXoKDP06gc_1Vdrh4-uLEEmp2xFE5j8r0hI

  2. and another…BIG THX!…muito obrigado in Portugal…

  3. Thanks very much for these Hub-tastics shows, Peter!

  4. Sorry for asking, my 77th year old makes me forget things, but what’s the pw?

    • hi cezar, just look at the first comment in the post — it is always the password.

      (unless i forget to add it, in which case it’s francisco or bill telling me that i forgot again!)


  5. Thanks a lot for the Hubbard shows!

  6. Many thanks for this one!!!!!

  7. Everything works fine for the download. Many thanks, Pete, for your nice work. You’ve chosen very tastefully your concerts. The Berliner Philharmonie sounds great !

  8. Hi Pete, Is the link for the Hubbard Show Berlin 87 still working ? Thanks for your answer

    • hi hartmut,

      yes, it is still working, but mega does not seem to be working! i can’t download anything from mega at the moment. lets see if it works tomorrow, otherwise, i’ll move that file to a different server.


    • hi hartmut,

      mega seems to be working.
      > using chrome, the download link worked, and the mega download started once i entered the key (see above, the very first comment on the posting)
      > but using vivaldi (the browser that i generally use), when i entered the key in mega, the download never started… just “initializing” forever. yet i can download from my mega account directly.

      so, if you’re having problems, then i think it is on your side.


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