Oct 052018

it’s been a seriously don pullen – george adams day around here.  i’ve listened to must be 4 or 5 concerts, over 10 hours of music.  been working, been working, but i still got a long way to go.  started the day with the django bates concert that i’d been messing with last weekend, thought i’d finish with one of these shows.  in this one, that was shared by bluenote2005 in sept 2007 (which was a good period on dime for pullen-adams shows, btw), the taper’s self assessment is about right: source aud, sound b.  maybe a little bit better? (though the piano is rather faint) and like so many pullen-adams shows, the energy just bleeds right through in any case.

don pullen and george adams quartet
bologna, italy
23 october 1985

george adams- tenor,
don pullen- piano
cameron brown- bass
danny richmond- drums

disc 1 (64:04):

01. city gates (adams) 18:44
02. song from the old country (pullen) 13:53
03. sing me a song everlasting (pullen) 16:08
04. well, i guess we’ll never know (pullen) 15:18

disc 2 (64:22):

01. we’ve been here all the time (pullen) 13:04
02. message urgent (adams) 18:01
03. how deep is the ocean? (berlin) 22:27
04. big alice (pullen) 9:59

total time 128:26

source: audience
sound: b

sample: d1 t01 (incomplete).mp3
download: Pullen-Adams_1985-10-23_BolognaItaly.zip

covers were in the seed i downloaded; don’t know if it was by bluenote2005 or the original seeder.

Dec 022012

so i was thinking about a 1964 mingus show in stuttgart, germany, both because i’ve always really liked that show and because i was just in stuttgart on business, the week before last.  it was a good trip, k. and i pitched a course for the second of three times, got to see a little of the city center, etc etc.

anyway, i was again thinking about uploading that show to dime, where i’ve always been reluctant to do so.  both as it is so incomplete and also as i’ve never been sure where it came from.

but perhaps some nice soul has uploaded a more complete copy to dime?  and indeed they have… back in may 2011, a series of 4 shows from mingus’ 1964 tour were uploaded.  so both problems solved.  how did i miss that?

charles mingus – 1964-04-12, oslo, norway
charles mingus – 1964-04-13, stockholm, sweden (two versions!)
charles mingus – 1964-04-16, bremen, germany
charles mingus – 1964-04-28, stuttgart, germany

for today, i’m still listening to my sadly incomplete version of the stuttgart tour (yes, it held up well to my memory of it), but tomorrow’s going to be a mingus kind of a day.

and i’m not going to miss that!

the more complete version still didn’t have a.t.f.w.u.s.a., so i’ve added that here from an a copy that i picked up a few years ago.

charles mingus quintet
april 28, 1964
liederhalle, stuttgart, germany

charles mingus – bass
eric dolphy – alto, flute,bass cl
clifford jordan – tenor sax
jaky byard – piano
danny richmond – drums

cd 1
these foolish things             7.37
orange was the color of her dress    17:30
so long eric                 30:28
peggy’s blue skylight            20:56

cd 2
fables of faubus             43:51
sophisticated lady            4:15
meditations                30:50

cd 3
a.t.f.w.u.s.a.                4:16 *

dime > soundforge (pitch correction) > tlh (flac 8 , sbe,checksums) > dime
except a.t.f.w.u.s.a. (provenance unknown)

sample: 02 orange was the colour.mp3

download: Charles_Mingus_Quintet_Stuttgart_1964-04-28.zip