May 162020

here’s another, brazilian-flavoured, concert featuring la vie en rose.  this is very baffling, as the name cyrille aimee seems very familiar yet i don’t remember ever listening to this performance.  whatever, it’s a very sweet show, and i particularly liked cyrille’s solo fortunate son, accompany herself via the loop pedal.  i appreciated also the comments from ‘ringfedder’, the taper, that gave a bit of context.

i think this will be the last of the la vie en rose shows, three is enough, at least for this morning.  it was great fun, and unearthed some great performances.  other versions were included in concerts by dee dee bridgewater in 2005 in leverkusen, germany; the frank vignola quintet in 2010 at the phenomenally named “the egg” in albany, ny; jacky terrasson in 2019 at the cloitre des jacobins, toulouse, france; and 3 different performances by madelerine peyroux, in 1996, 2004 & 2007 (she must really like the song!).  textcrawler is the tool i use for searching, but of course only finds shows on my active drives.  “the egg” reminds me of my favorite-named café in brussels, ma folle de soeur; restaurant names in that city are a work of art in their own right.

cyrille aimée and diego figueiredo
oasis room @ garde arts center
new london, ct
september 06, 2012

cyrille aimée – vocals, loop pedal
diego figueiredo – guitar

set i:

01. caravan
02. aqua de beber
03. que reste-t-il
04. sunny days
05. yardbird suite
06. diego solo – é o amor
07. cyrille solo – fortunate son
08. dindi
09. old devil moon

set ii:

01. just the two of us
02. night in tunisia
03. invitation
04. tea for two
05. diego solo – na baixa do sapateiro
06. cyrille solo – nuit blanche
07. la vie en rose
08. chega de saudade
09. girl from ipanema

tt 1:31:00

source info:
sennheiser me-104’s>tascam dr-07 (16/44.1, 40hz bass rolloff)
>usb> pc> goldwave v5.56 (invert)> cdwaveeditor v1.96 (track split)> tlh> flac (6)
taper: ringfedder
location: 6 rows from stage center
sound quality: very good


hello everyone

another wonderful evening of fine jazz at the garde arts center oasis room! i’m not sure what exactly prompted me to go see this show. i’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that when i opened the flier, my jaw almost dropped to the ground when i saw how gorgeous cyrille looked. i also have a thing for classic guitar and just from the photo in the flier, diego looked like a mad guitarist. i was not disappointed. cyrille’s sultry french accented vocals coupled with diego’s brazilian flamenco style guitar was mesmerizing to say the least.

the oasis room is great for recording to some extent. if the audience could avoid clapping, i’d have little editing to do. as it was however, the audience clapping tends to be louder than the musical passages. consequently, editing of this recording includes attenuating the audience clapping and boosting the volume of the music. the overall levels are not cranked as they would be on some my ‘loud’ recordings because i didn’t want to introduce excess noise. the end result for the most part is a well balanced presentation.

i’d like to reiterate how wonderful it was to see a show here at the oasis room. if you’re from the area, i urge you to check out a show here. i’d hate to see a place like this not be successful due to lack of patronage. the garde arts center and the oasis room (and the kate for that matter) fill a cultural void here in s.e. connecticut left vacant by the pop centric casino scene. please support the local arts. check out the schedule on the garde web site for this season. we have some phenomenal acts coming through, don’t miss it.


sample: s1t08 chega de saudade.mp3