Sep 252021

i recorded this back 14 years ago with a (now old & unusable) avermedia tv/fm receiver in a pcmcia card.  wow.  anyway, it was a fantastic show which as i recall, i could neither attend nor listen to live.  so (& i don’t remember) it must have been a pleasant surprise at how well this came out.  and it was a super show!  my favorite bits are the set by the great phil ware, with vocals by ian shaw, and joanna macregor & andy shepard, but it’s good start to finish.  i was been relistening to this all day long yesterday & hope you enjoy it as much as i have.

“blue of the night” live at the speigeltent
dublin fringe festival
dublin, ireland
12 september 2007

joanna macgregor & andy sheppard
joanna macgregor (piano / keyboards)
andy sheppard (saxophone)

the phil ware trio with ian shaw
phil ware (piano)
dave redmund (bass)
shane o’donovan (drums)
ian shaw (vocals)

colleen (cécile schott)

ariel hernandez (guitar, vocals)
ioana petcu-colan (violin)
dermot dunne (accordion)
malachy robinson (double bass)
frank vidal (percussion)

first set

intro – ariel hernandez (guitar, vocals) & ioana petcucolan (violin)
1 intro by rté announcer > unknown (4:38)
2 rté announcer (3:02)

joanna macgregor & andy sheppard
3 sometimes i feel like a motherless child
> improvisation with 1929 recording of the smiths in the street in mississippi
> spiritual (josh haydn) (14:18) *
4 talk (0:49)
5 low side (3:00)
6 deep river (5:52)
7 talk (0:44)
8 libertango (astor piazzolla) (4:51)
9 applause (0:30)

about the spiegeltent
10 announcer (2:11)

the phil ware trio w/ ian shaw
11 announcer intro > talk (1:40)
12 get out of town (cole porter) (5:40)
13 a foggy day (in london town) (george & ira gershwin) (3:51)
14 talk (1:58)
15 talk to me (joni mitchell) (3:38)
16 my foolish heart (ned washington / victor young) (8:39)
17 a night in tunesia (frank paparelli / john gillespie) (8:05)
18 outro by rté announcers (1:07)

second set

19 intro by rté announcers (2:16)

20 unknown (6:52)
21 unknown (6:57)
22 unkown (with interrupption by helicopters) (20:26) *

23 rté announcer (3:11)

24 the rhythm of a chacarerra (3:44)
25 libertango (astor piazzolla) (5:15)
26 unknown (a traditional “new tango) (3:56)
27 unknown (bolivian piece, played on a charango) (2:55)
28 unknown (4:26)
29 casi tradicional (3:51)

30 rté announcer (2:19)
31 unknown (encore by lunfardia) [incomplete] (4:56)

* kept as one long track, as there didn’t seem a to be a good breakpoint.


analogue fm (avermedia avertv hybrid+fm cardbus) > wav >
cdwave (tracking) > flac (trader’s little helper, level 6)

rté lyric fm “blue of the night” (jazz series normally presented by eamonn lenihan),
broadcast 12 sept 2007. presenter: paul herriott.

recorded straight from fm to my laptop, with some inevitable hiss. the encore was cut off, as
i hadn’t set the computer stopped recording too soon (i think i had my times mixed up).

renamed all files per set lists above & added metadata, but no changes to the underlying music.
created new ffp & md5 checksum files. added cd covers by ‘fastone’, from my 2010 seed on dime,
and a cover.jpg file.

on lyric fm “blue of the night”, 12 sept 2007. from rté website (,

blue goes live from the spiegeltent at the dublin fringe festival, wednesday
september 12th

rté lyric fm presents the blue of the night live, an evening of sublime
music presented by paul herriott on stage and simultaneously broadcast on rté
lyric fm.

it is a unique opportunity to hear music from across the genres including
pianist joanna macgregor and sax player andy shepard who “share an
extraordinary ability to wrest more out of a musical instrument than you’d
have thought possible.”- western daily press.

french composer and musician colleen performs on viola da gamba and guitar
while simultaneously multi-tracking to create music of stunning beauty,
while infectious milongas, tangos and chacareras are to be expected from
quintet lunfardia.

ireland’s finest jazz ensemble the phil ware trio has been a regular on the
show since 2004 and this time they are joined by guest vocalist ian shaw.
there are no musical boundaries when it comes to great music on the blue
of the night live.

– phil ware & ian shaw t12 get out of town 256k.mp3
– lunfardia t24 the rhythm of a chacarerra 256k.mp3

photo source unknown, taken from the cd covers by ‘fastone’.