May 052016

here’s how i started my day… this was shared up on dime by satchmo67 back in december 2012, a good audience recording.  i see mosaic is coming out with “woody shaw: the complete muse sessions” sometime later this year, by the way.


woody shaw quartet
prob. “club bobadilla”
dalmine (bergamo), italy
26 january 1987

woody shaw (tp, flh)
fred henke (p)
neil swainson (b)
alex deutsch (d)

disc 1:
1. if i should lose you (rainger/robin)
2. band introductions
3. zoltan (shaw)
4. you go to my head
5. joshua c., part 1
6. joshua c., part 2

disc 2:
1. united (shorter)
2. estate
3. footprints (shorter)
4. there is no greater love

tt 1:42:22

prob audience > cassette (mr gp collection) > cdr with cd philips recorder (dextrane) > flac

sample: d01t06 joshua c., part 2.mp3