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MeschiyaLake_and_her_LittleBigHorns_2012-09-11_photoanother show that made it onto the ssd drive for this trip… like the last one, this sounds like it was a fun night!  and, like the last one, i seem to want to put it into several categories.  maybe the categories need to be expanded. anyway, it’s a great show that i’ve listened two a couple of times already.  enjoy!


meschiya lake and her little big horns
club the q-bus
leiden, the netherlands
11 sept 2012

1. egyptian in love
2. the curse of an aching heart
3. buona sera
4. i’d like to burn with you
5. satan, your kingdom must come down
6. sweet substitute
7. i’ll wait for you
8. all alone and wonderin’ why
9. tell ’em nothin’
10. title unknown
11. mississippi dreamboat
12. jack, i’m mellow
13. sweet marijuana
14. indian red
15. midnight on the bayou
16. dreamboat
17. electric chair blues
18. i believe in music
19. title unknown
20. reefer man

jazz blues
taped by ane (flipp022)
audience recording
audio recorder sony pcm-d50(1)
microfoon ca-14 withhout pre-amp only power and plug of the recorder
the sound quality is very good hifi stereo ++++++++++++
flac level> 8
20 tracks

thanks so much, lazaruslong for the setlist, you are the man.

sample:  t01_egyptian in love.mp3

download: MeschiyaLake&HerLittleBigHorns_2012-09-11_Qbus_LeidenNLD.zip

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