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this has been lying around for around 11 years, when i was fortunate enough to download the more (and perhaps actually) complete version.  there’s something to be said for being congenitally late, i suppose.  charlie wright’s doesn’t ring a bell, which is funny: if it was part of the london jazz fest, you’d think it would have popped up in some other context (jazz related, obvs), but then i’m not from there, so what the heck.  around here, though, i’m off to my first show in a Very Long Time Indeed: the ari hoenig trio.  very much looking forward to it.

charlie wright’s
london jazz festival
london, uk
21 nov 2009

mark turner (saxophone)
jeff ballard (drums)
larry grenadier (bass)

00 – interview > radio intro 10:50

01 – perla morlena (ballard) 8:02
02 – iverson’s odyssey (turner) 10:02
03 – diorite stone (ballard) 6:30
04 – super sister (turner) 14:50
05 – lady b (ballard) 8:23
06 – the fruit (bud powell) 9:55 +
06a- untitled (mark turner) 7:37 *
07 – jj (grenadier) 12:01
08 – state of the union (grenadier) 9:36

tt 1:37:48

* = new track
+ = original edited for continuity

recorded: 21st november 2009
broadcast: 11th january 2009 & 30th august 2010 (*)
source : bbc radio 3 “jazz on 3”
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00tkn2z (*)

dab (mpeg-i layer ii at 192 kb/s joint stereo) > cyrus dab8.0 (mp2)
editing: deleted announcer during set, moved interviews to beginning, small balance / volume changes + tracking
transfer: sd card > wav (foobar) > convert to 44.1k & editing (nero 8) > tlh (sbe check and flac 6)

quality: ex, digital all the way to you


sample: t02 iverson’s odyssey 256k.mp3
download: Fly_2009-11-21_CharlieWrights_LondonUK.zip

  8 Responses to “fly – 21 nov 2009, charlie wright’s, london, uk”

  1. upibaptulv

  2. Track number 6a is titled “Brothersister”. It appears on their album “Year Of The Snake”

  3. Track number 1 is titled “Perla Morena” from the album “Sky & Country”

  4. Thanks for this, Pete – it looks wonderful. Love all 3 players and is this not essentially the Brad Mehldau Trio with Mark Turner in place of Brad?

  5. @ran – thanks! and thanks again!

    @monksphere – we´d better ask mark turner about that 😉

  6. Hi Pete, I wanted to tell you that I’ve got to the bottom of the downloading problems that I’ve had, 1 or 2 times (not frequently), with some CIP files. The answer seems to be that it’s the browser – Firefox/Apple OS would not download the Merle Koch; MS Edge/Windows wouldn’t download it either; Safari/Apple OS was successful!!! In future, if you do get any feedback, I suggest that switching browsers could be the answer. Cheers, Many Thanks…

    • makes sense. i’d thought that was an issue on your side, but what you describe sounds… crazy. but there it is! i’ll keep that in mind for the future, thanks much!

      i saw ari hoenig at the whale theatre, greystones, co. wicklow, on saturday. super show and (if you’re ever there) i recommend the venue — small enough to be “intimate”, which i define as “even i could probably hit ’em with a stone from that distance”. saw the pope do mass that close once, but that’s another story. anyway, we had a nice chat with him after the show, well, also might be described as “my wife grilled him on his tour, where he’d been, how he liked (or was it looking forward to?) wales, etc etc”. well meaning & friendly, don’t get me wrong, but hilarious to watch a senior civil servant and a jazz musician interacting like that. a very nice guy, and deffo someone to see if they’re playing anywhere nearby.

      • Hi Pete, Thanks for the tip – unfortunately, have only been to visit Dublin in Ireland, but with a significant amount time spent in Chapelizod, where Camara, a charity I was supporting at the time, was located. However, I will keep it in mind. Now, a venue for you, if you ever come to London: the Oxford Tavern in Kentish Town. Upstairs, they have a jazz gig on Mondays that I think fits your requirements for venue, intimate, and we were right BESIDE the quartet of Alex Hitchcock/Xhosa Cole in our nice armchairs and pints of beer listening to them doing some Griff & Jaws and Monk, which was wonderful. See http://www.jazzattheoxfordtavern.com for details!!! No pope, no mass, though….

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