Jul 232021

i’m really not sure what to say about this show.  different parts of the show elicited very different reactions from me (though i did enjoy it all), so i’m really not sure what to make of it, except that it’s for listening to, not for my car.  when he seeded it in 2018, ‘carville’ noted that there is a badly noise reduced version that makes the rounds a little but this one is nice and clear. a great band.  right on both counts, thanks carville!

eight bold souls
festival de meer vaart
amsterdam, nl
24 august 1986

robert griffin (tp, flh)
isaiah jackson (tb)
mwata bowden (reeds)
edward wilkerson jr. (reeds)
aaron dodd (tu)
naomi millender (cel)
richard brown (b)
dushan mosley (dr)

1 unknown
2 unknown
3 unknown
4 unknown
5 unknown
6 unknown

1 unknown
2 unknown
3 unknown

total time 1:31:16


sample: eight bold souls 1986-08-24 cd1 t06.mp3
download: EightBoldSouls_1986-08-24_AmsterdamNL.zip

photo from a jazz times article, probably a promo photo,

  4 Responses to “eight bold souls – 24 aug 1986, festival de meer vaart, amsterdam, nl”

  1. odgiitqmev

  2. HUGE THX!…

  3. Yes! Thanks a lot, Pete!

  4. Great, saw them at Moers Festival back then; great times!

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