Jul 072021

just something i enjoyed listening to earlier today.

i’ve been listening to a few shows online this week, for a change, from smalls and the king georg.  any recommendation for other clubs with a decent online presence?  my local favorite (arthur’s, natch! and not an overly long walk!) has been closed for the duration, though we live in hope.

julian siegel quartet
bbc radio 3 “jazz now”
the vortex club
london, uk
18 mar 2018

julian siegel……tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet
liam noble……… piano
oli hayhurst…….double bass
gene calderazzo….drums

01 intro
02 the opener 7’38”
03 banter
04 i want to go to brazil 8’40”
05 banter
06 billion years 7’14”
07 banter
08 vista 8’40”
09 julian siegel interview
10 the goose 8’30”
11 un poco loco (bud powell) 8’16”
12 banter
13 pastorale 8’11”
14 applause
15 idea 4’10”
16 outro

tt 1:14:22

live 320kbps hls stream, ts audio transfers

bbc 320/48 mpeg-ts/ffmpeg/extract to 48k wav (by hjweis)/audition cc – convert to 44.1k,+4db,tracks,fades,flac

sbe fix / checksum file done in traders little helper

sample:  t08 vista 256k.mp3
download: JulianSiegel_2018-03-18_Vortex_LondonUK.zip

image is from an ‘upcoming’ article on the vortex website, for a 2017 show by julian siegel.

  3 Responses to “julian siegel quartet – 18 mar 2018, the vortex club, london, uk”

  1. nlsnsjgfqn

  2. Thanks very much for this Pete and for the Graham Collier, much appreciated!!!

    By the bye, beginning a new Piano Jazz series soon on TTMJ, was going to ask if you had any episodes in your enormous archive!!! Please do let me know by e-mail.

    • glad you liked them.

      a piano jazz series — that should be fun! i remembered you mentioned it, and i’ve been avoiding piano jazz in anticipation, to whet my appetite. time to change gears… i’ll followup by email.


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