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reading about graham collier in his cuneiform bio, i kinda feel as if he’s the most famous british jazz musician that i’ve never heard of.  actually, this recording isn’t great, but i like this so much, here it is anyway — it was a phenomenal show.  as various people commented on propylaen’s 2018 seed on dime, the cuneiform cd release of (a different performance of) this material is still available, was fully authorized by graham collier and is a better recording.  and, i would add, has more material.  so think of this as a tasty appetizer & dig in!

graham collier dozen
bbc radio 3
london, uk
10 july 1968 (broadcast date)

graham collier (bass, leader)
john marshall (drums, percussion)
frank ricotti (vibraphone, bongos)
kenny wheeler (trumpet, flugelhorn)
harold beckett (trumpet, flugelhorn) [see also here]
henry lowther (trumpet, flugelhorn)
dave aaron (alto saxophone, flute)
john surman (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, piano)
karl jenkins (baritone saxophone, oboe, piano)
chris smith (trombone)
michael gibbs (trombone)
john mumford (trombone)

1. introduction (0:35)
2. workpoints: part one (11:41)
3. workpoints: part two (9:46)
4. workpoints: part three (8:07)
5. workpoints: part four (7:20)
6. outro (0:30)

total time 37:58

workpoints – a large-scale jazz composition performed by the graham collier dozen

graham collier is the first jazz composer in this country to be granted a bursary by the arts council, which has enabled him to compose, rehearse, and perform this work in concert. the composition is in four movements which present in turn improvisations by the three members of each section – saxes, trumpets, trombones, and rhythm – both individually and together.

source: bbc radio 3
lineage: wav > adobe audition cs 6 (tracking) > tlh y flac (l8, align on sb)

an earlier performance of this work was released by cuneiform records as “graham collier – workpoints” (rune 213/214). i have included the press release for reference.

please support the artists! buy their official releases and go to their concerts!
trade freely! do not sell! keep it lossless!

uploaded to dime by propylaen in november 2019.


sample: t04 workpoints part 3 – 256k.mp3
download: GrahamCollierDozen_1968-07-10_BBCRadio3_LondonUK.zip

cover is a screenshot from a youtube video of a 1969 performance by the graham collier sextet, in france.

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