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it’s been a good week for music around here.  this is the first of several shows that i really enjoyed (listening to another now).  i associate the harmonica with the blues so strongly that i still get a little surprise, but i think this show might finally disabuse me of that notion.  it’s a nice mix of original compositions by ms. deurloo, other band members and other people.  enjoy!

hermine deurloo
het bimhuis
amsterdam, the netherlands
20 oct 2012

hermine deurloo – harmonica
tony overwater – bass
joshua samson – percussion
special guest: jesse van ruller – guitar

set 1
01 ode for tomtem – gary peacock (7:19)
02 benny’s dream – larry goldings (8:08)
03 achiltibuie – hermine deurloo (9:49)
04 oktober in het oosterpark – hermine deurloo (10:51)
05 up high – tony overwater (8:29)
06 mein junges leben hat ein end – traditional 17e eeuws (4:33)
07 glass fish – hermine deurloo (7:31)

set 2
08 fleurette africaine – duke ellington (6:04)
09 anna virus – tony overwater (5:28)
10 zombi zua – mischa mengelberg (9:51)
11 almost always never – tony overwater (4:33)
12 angel nemali – dudu pukwana (6:39)
13 venice cowboys – jesse van ruller (10:49)
14 angelica – duke ellington (8:07)

tt 1:48:11

radio 6, vprojazzlive (vpro), broadcasted on 2012-11-21
recorded at ‘het bimhuis’ by micha de kanter

fm (analog cable) -> hd 24/48 -> hd 16/44 (magix) -> flac level 8 (tlh)
split in tracks and volume normalized (magix)

between the 2 sets a little talk from the dj is cut out.
the introduction of the songs is in dutch

posted on dime on 2012-11-24



sample: t03 achiltibuie.mp3
download: HermineDeurloo_2012-10-20_HetBimhuis_AmsterdamNL.zip

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