May 162020

here’s another show that popped up on the search for la vie en rose.  very different to the last one.  who doesn’t like piano jazz?  well, i do get tired of that sometimes (hard to believe, eh?), but i never tire of a good piano-violin quartet like this one.  this was shared by ‘jazzrita’, whose fine taste can always be relied upon.

it’s nice that we have choices for high spec recordings — and choices other than the usual giant internet companies (we know who they are).  for example, sandro roy is on qobuz; jermaine landsberger is on both bandcamp and qobuz.  what other platforms do artists use to sell high-quality copies of their albums?  if you were choosing between a purchase available on multiple sites, which would you choose, and why?  (paranoid thought for the day:  why do i think those two sites are not part of the stables belonging to the giant internet companies?)

jermaine landsberger trio feat. sandro roy
bayerischer rundfunk, münchner funkhaus
munich, germany
20 nov 2019

sandro roy, vio
jermaine landsberger, p
joel lochner, b
matthias gmelin, dr

01 – jazz bourree (leopoldmozart,comp,sr,arr,sr,vio-solo) 1:58
02 – troublant bolero (djangoreinhardt,comp) – ann jl 8:11
03 – jl swing (sr,comp) 7:44
04 – souvenir de paris (sr,comp) 4:14
05 – las olas (jacopastorius,comp) 7:59
06 – la vie en rose (edithpiaf,comp) 10:15
07 – wendy (stephanegrappelli,comp) (fade-in) 4:57


lineage: dvb-s 320kbit/s + 48000 khz mp2 (br) > asv audio converter (in flac) > audacity

source: br (bayerischer rundfunk)

danke für die daten an reinhard!!!!!

sample: t05 las olas.mp3

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  1. tgdubjfqud

    BIG THX!…

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