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i do like the sweet sound of the clarinet, and here it is nicely paired with the vibraphone & pianoforte (maybe “pair” isn’t the right word) in a selection of benny goodman tunes.  benny goodman! what’s not to like?  i’m sure i’ve heard clarinet & vibraphone together before, but am drawing a blank… be that (& my memory) as it may be, it’s a lovely combination, both having such round mellow tones, and the pianoforte adds a sharp spikiness, a tart ingredient keeping the dish from being too sweet.  the original seeder, ‘survivor69’ warns about few transmission dropouts, but i think it’s ok obviously.

happy st. patrick’s day!

mauro negri “waitin’ for benny”
jazzflirt festival
corte interna palazzo comunale
registrato a formia [lt – italy]
il 7 agosto 2010

mauro negri, clarinet
andrea dulbecco, vibrafono
paolo birro, pianoforte
stefano bagnoli, drums

(00 radio introduction by pino saulo) 4.23
01-jitterbug waltz
02-announcements by dulbecco
03-il principe igor
05-moon glow
06-airmail special
07-till tom special
08-band’s intros
09-after you’ve gone
10-a smooth one
11-radio outro 1.37

running time : 61’15” (without radio intro and outro)
(with radio intro and outro, it would be 67’14”)

fm radio broadcast by “il cartellone – radio 3 suite jazz”, radio 3 rai [third channel of italian national radio], on tuesday 5 july 2011, 20:45 hours.

lineage (fm > hard disc > web):
itt hifi4060 tuner > audacity 1.3.5 beta via c-media cmi8738/c3dx soundcard > 44100hz/16bit flac’s (level 8) >

originally upped by survivor69 on, 06-july-2011 (dimeupload #449)

well, this is a tribute to benny goodman, so there is not much to sasy – all tracks are announced by dulbecco – warning: a few transmission dropouts were unfortunately featured all along the broadcast, all of them dropouts have been edited out, but you can still hear the transition glitch somewhere on theses tracks. the dj mentions this problem during the radio outro, saying that many listeners were complaining for the (many) dropouts, but from the studio he could not perceive anything. also included in the folder, marked as track 00, a radio introduction in italian with bio notes and commentaries – this intro runs for 4’23”, you can skip downloading it if you don’t understand italian.

sample: t05 moon glow.mp3

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