Feb 092020

busy week, so no comments.  and i’ll be taking a week or two off.  but this should keep ya going in the meanwhile.

sammy figueroa and the latin jazz explosion
live at scullers
boston, massachusetts usa
october 23, 2015

sammy figueroa, percussion
silvano monasterios, piano
gabriel vivas, bass
troy roberts, sax
francisco dimas, trumpet
ludwig afonso, drums

01 intro 1:53
02 9:48
03 8:08
04 mysterious energy (gabriel vivas) 9:41
05 8:01
06 10:37
07 10:34
08 intro 2:19
09 seven doors to the left 13:16
10 outro 0:50

75:14 minutes








live broadcast on wgbh hd-fm
hd over fm broadcast;
hd-fm tuner>pc>stereo 16-bit 44.1 kbps wav>
tracked and edited in audio editor>wavs>
sbes repaired, checksum files
and flac-8 files created in trader’s little helper

a zootype project october 2015

sample: t05 unknown title.mp3
download: SammyFigueroa_2015-10-23_Scullers_BostonMA.zip

  6 Responses to “sammy figueroa and the latin jazz explosion – 23 oct 2015, scullers, boston, ma, usa”

  1. qsdkwxmsff

  2. BIG THX!…

  3. Good luck on sorting out the results of the Irish election, Pete, and see you in a coupla weeks…thanks very much for this!

    • yeah, bit of a sea change, isn’t it? of course, the counting could take another day or two. then the real fun starts!

  4. thanks a lot!!
    never heard about this guys.
    I’m curious about this session.

  5. Merci beaucoup, Pete, for this explosion !!!

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