Jan 042020

here’s a very nice trumpet-clarinet combo.  have i mentioned that lately i’m becoming more and more fond of the clarinet?

ralph alessi/don byron quintet
teatro comunale
porto san giorgio, italy
may 9, 2004

ralph alessi – trumpet
don byron – clarinet
andy milne – piano
drew gress – bass
shane endsley – drums

01 – 34:31
02 – 6:12
03 – 15:20

56:06 minutes

fm > ? > cdr > eac > wav > cd wave editor (split tracks) > flac (level 6)> 2009 seed
fm broadcast, unknown taper and 2009 seeder
june 2017 reseed by zootype: flac files renamed and partially retracked
original tracks 01 and 02 recombined,

sample: track03.mp3
download: RalphAlessi_DonByron_2004-05-09_PortoSanGiorgio_Italy.zip

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