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this is a fun show!  and bound to pick you up if you’re feeling a bit blue.  this reminded me of the great spike jones & the city slickers, but  in a small way — after all, a piano trio ain’t an orchestra.  on the other hand, i might put on a recording by hildegard pohl over dinner, but i never would do that with spike jones.  so, and i do mean it… enjoy!

hildegard pohl trio
kellerbuehne, e-werk
erlangen, germany
11 january 2015
“swinging mona lisa”

hildegard pohl – piano, talk
norbert meyer-venus – double bass
yogo pausch – drums

set 1

01. sister sadie (4:55)
02. hildegard spricht (1:36)
03. swan princess (7:35)
04. someday my chopin will come (3:45)
05. wedding song (5:22)
06. hildegard spricht (1:24)
07. tango fuer elise (4:33)
08. hildegard spricht (0:58)
09. satin doll (4:02)
10. hildegard spricht (1:06)
11. miles and more (8:23)
12. wunschlied abstimmung (4:19) *
13. caro mio ben (4:20)

set 2

14. intro -> mona lisa (5:51)
15. jazz waltz (6:48)
16. … (5:45)
17. hildegard spricht (4:18)
18. wunschlied-medley (11:19) *
19. hildegard spricht (1:07)
20. swing in the kitchen (4:41)
21. hildegard spricht -> wilde hilde (5:33)
22. … (6:30) **


* kind of “contest” where only the female members of the audience could write down their “wish-song”
to be played in the second set. during track #17 the votes were picked from a basket by the female
members again and 8 of those were played in the following song as a medley.

** from the upcoming program of next year, a composition from johann sebastian bach.

aiwa cm30 mic -> olympus ls11 (at wav 16/44) -> we transfer-> my hd -> audacity (edit, volume balance + boost only) -> wav 16/44 -> tlh8 -> flac -> dime -> your ears and mind…
recorded at first seated row a bit right of center. excellent recording with one minor disturbance: due to the accidental low volume setting, this has a bit of hiss on the interludes.
a few nice pics are included as well. all thanks straight to nuernberg to the fuzzman for taping.

from seethefuzz7 collection # 190
uploaded to dime by spacebandit 2015/01/15
i’m not familiar with this kind of music, but i had a few smiles on the variations of these master musicians on themes of both classic music and jazz. hope you’ll enjoy it, too. sb.

sample: t15 jazz waltz.mp3

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