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this is one that’s been sitting in a tab in foobar2000 for around 2 months, waiting for me to upload it.  listening to it again, i agree with “past me”.  and what about studio 104 in paris?  or the rolf liebermann studio, in hamburg? and a few others… when you see one of those places listed, do you give a little smile of recognition for a place you’ve never been, maybe never even seen a photo of?

panama francis
studio 104, maison de la radio
paris, france
28 april 1974

arnett cobb (tenor sax)
tiny grimes (guitar)
lloyd glenn (piano)
roland lobligeois (bass)
panama francis (drums)

01 smooth sailing (arnett cobb) 4:54
02 body and soul (johnny green) 5:07
03 jumpin’ at the woodside (count basie, eddie durham) 8:29
04 just you, just me (jesse greer) 6:43
05 willow weep for me (ann ronell) 8:26
06 swanee river (stephen foster) 7:03
07 the nearness of you (hoagy carmichael) 5:40
08 flying home (lionel hampton, benny goodman) 6:18


fm > edirol r-09 (wav) > wavelab > flac (level 8, sector-align)
broadcast : les légendes du jazz, france musique, april 22, 2017

sample: t05 willow weep for me.mp3

  3 Responses to “panama francis – 28 april 1974, studio 104, paris, france”

  1. fboxcugfmb

  2. Hi Pete, Know what you mean!!! And thanks very much for this session…I decided to have a look for Studio 104 online, and found:

    Now we know!!!



  3. The huge vibrant sound of Cobb is a real treat, add it to Tiny’s guitar and you get a great session, many thanks for this post, most appreciated.

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