Sep 272019

this has one of my favorite songs, willow weep for me, which i’ve generally only heard performed by jazz singers.  i’m not sure jones plays on it, though; sounds more like a flute, which leo wright did play (and i’ve added an “f” after his name, below].  but let’s not hold that against carmell jones!  there’s a bit of static in a few spots, but otherwise a good recording.

carmell jones
stockholm, sweden

carmell jones -tp
leo wright -as, f
staffan abeleen -p
björn alke -b
leroy lowe -d

1.-straight no chaser
2.-willow weep for me – i can’t get started
3.-the man i love
5.-groovin’ high

radio broadcast

sample: t2 willow weep for me – i can’t get started.mp3

  4 Responses to “carmell jones – 1972, stockholm, sweden”

  1. moqoipittm

  2. SUPER NICE!!!…

  3. Many thanks, Pete!

  4. MERCI !!!

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