Sep 142019

this is one of a number of shows that i uploaded to 1fichier, in the rather misguided belief (supported neither by past history nor any reasonable expectation) that i would have some spare time while visiting my parents.  naturally, i remember very little except that at the time, i planned to share it here.  anyway:  a good trip, now on the way home, waiting for my connecting flight, so straight to you from jfk international in ny…

joey calderazzo trio
cambridge, ma
3 may 2001

joey calderazzo-piano
john pattitucci-bass
jeff ‘tain’ watts-drums

disk 1
set i: (63:31)
1. introduction 02:17
2. the oracle-> 15:56
3. time rmemembered 19:50
4. catana 13:12
5. the impailor 12:14

disk 2
set ii: (60:09)
1. the charmer 10:49
2. attainment 16:24
3. midnight voyage 07:13
4. slings & arrows 18:39

schoeps mk4->br box->sbm-1->m1 @44.1khz
from front row table, 2 seats left of center,
110 degrees. recorded by microburst,
master used in below transfer

r500->audio magic presto ii->za2->
soundforge 4.5->cdwav->.shn (original dat > shn 05/2001) >
flac (shn > flac 04/29/2012) by microburst.

* no normalizing, dae, resampling, or editing(other than start/end set fades) *

note: ticking noises on d1t01 5:45-5:50 are on master the master tape. i also
had a cold and had a small coughing problem in the second tune.

sample: (pending, but you’ll love it, sure)

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