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here’s a pairing of two greats, from 30-odd years ago.  ubu shared this on dime and also on his now largely quiescent blog, in 2009, after some well-detailed edits (thanks, ubu).  some interesting comments there, including from preslives, who wrote “…the date with joe henderson may disappoint some familiar with their classic blue note output, as they don’t really play together in the way that they did back then. by 1988, each is in his own separate musical world. i get the feeling that andrew is just sitting in on joe’s gig. on the other hand, the way that andrew deconstructs some of these standards is astounding. what a genius he was!”  i take his point, but for me this show is all about the “on the other hand” side of the equation.

andrew hill – joe henderson quartet
new morning
paris, france
march 25, 1988

joe henderson – tenor sax
andrew hill – piano
mick hutton – bass
mark taylor – drums

1. isotope (joe henderson) 15:45
2. ask me now (thelonious monk) 17:49
3. tenor madness (sonny rollins) > the theme (miles davis)
> band intros (14:45)

1. invitation (kaper-washington) 18:37
2. all the things you are (kern-hammerstein) 19:23
3. body and soul (green-comden-heyman-eaton) 17:17 [voiceover 0:00-0:01]
4. the theme (miles davis) > band intros (10:04)

tt: 113:42

sound: a/a-
source: france musiques (jazz club) (prob. live 1988-03-25)
lineage: fm > ? > dime > cdr > eac (secure, log) > flac (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu edits ::

– separated fm talk from beginning of cd1#1
– moved mark cd1#1/#2: +9.614sec
– separated fm talk from beginning of cd1#2
– moved mark cd2#2/#3: -1.058sec
– deleted 1.599sec of noise after cd1#3
– deleted 7.216sec of silence/applause at beginning of cd2#2
– separated fm talk from beginning of cd2#3
– moved mark cd2#2/#3: +7.759sec
– deleted 1.724sec of silence at end of cd2#3
– added fade-out at end of cd2#3
– deleted 0.460sec of silence at beginning of cd2#4
– added fade-in at beginning of cd2#4
– separated fm outro from end of cd2#
– added fade-out at end of cd2#4

ubu’s note: the first set ends after #3, as this came (from dime), “invitation” ended disc one. if this was indeed a live broadcast, maybe “invitation” comes from the beginnig of the first set and was broadcast during the break until the second set began? the track was edited in a way that allows no clear judgement, but i have some doubts about an 18:17 minute track fitting into the break.

sample: cd2 t01 invitation.mp3

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  1. DbBp4nVfrNHq

  2. Wonderful share, Pete – two modern jazz giants!

  3. Two geniuses together!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Could you upload other Andrew Hill shared by ubu?

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