Mar 212019

another request, and a good one.   really long shows like this are a real treat,  both in themselves and as a counterpoint to how often radio recordings miraculously clock in at just 1 hour.

monty alexander quartet
porgy & bess
vienna, austria
17 oct 2011

monty alexander: piano, melodica, vocals
laurin cohen: bass
frits landesbergen: drums
bobby thomas, jr.: percussion

cd1 (57:32)

01) unknown title
02) unknown title
03) eleuthera
04) unknown title
05) introducing the band
06) renewal
07) unknown title
08) unknown title

cd2 (1:17:12)

09) night mist blues
10) unknown title
11) unknown title
12) unknown title
13) medley 1
14) medley 2
15) too marvelous for words
16) unknown title
17) come fly with me

audience recording
lineage: edirol r05 + ca-9100 (preamp) + ca-14 (mics)
sd card>pc>audacity>cd wave editor>flac level 8 (16/44,1)

notes: there are some handy-interferences, 3 or 4 times
(mine was turned off)

sample: cd01 t02 unknown title.mp3

  3 Responses to “monty alexander quartet – 17 oct 2011, porgy & bess, vienna, austria”

  1. PsluPBuAMThm

  2. Hi Pete, Thanks for this show, looks great…but the download link is coming up as ‘invalid’…are you able to assist please? Kind Regards, Tom.

    • thanks, tom! i had added an updated info file with available track titles, and messed up the re-upload to the server. should be ok now.


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