Mar 022019

here’s what i was listening to this morning as i tried to fix my win10 start menu.  time will tell about that project, but at least rediscovering this  show meant the morning wasn’t a complete waste.  on the dime tracker webpage, someone asked the uploader “so you caught two sets at the vanguard and still managed to see this show?”  sounds like quite a day.

david binney quartet
55 bar
nyc, ny
10 june 2014, late show

david binney-alto sax
john escreet-rhodes
eivind opsvik-bass
kenny wolleson-drums
alex sipiagin-tp

t01 15:54
t02 18:20
t03 16:46

tt 51:01

dpa 4060->battery box(filter)->edirol 09hr

sample: t01.mp3

no covers, but a lot of photos from the taper ‘mbutchko’.

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