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continuing with the male vocalist theme, here’s a bit of mel tormé & george shearing.  mel torme was 66 at the time of this show, but still great.  i’ve always thought of him as a contemporary of frank sinatra, and i suppose that seen from this remove he was — only 10 years younger than sinatra.  i like having the piano trio backup (and with george shearing!), for me it really brings out the song in a way that a bigger combo with sax or trumpet doesn’t alway (though those have their own benefits as well).  there are a good few classics in this show, like a lot of his work.  and it’s an excellent recording (fm).  enjoy!

mel torme with the george shearing trio

mel torme, vocal
george shearing, piano
neil swainson, bass
donny osborne, drums

bbc fm broadcast

st.david’s hall, cardiff, wales

2nd november 1991

01. i’ll remember april (3:00)
02. give me the simple life (3:17)
03. auf wiedersehn (6:13)
04. accentuate the positive (3:18)
05. duke ellington medley (5:48)
06. i’ll be tired of you (4:33)
07. let’s take a walk around the block (2:41)
08. serenade in blue (3:25)
09. smoke gets in your eyes (6:51)
10. unidentified (3:26)
11. mountain greenery (1:11)
12. every time we say goodbye (4:07)
13. love is just around the corner (3:08)
14. i’ll be seeing you (3:20)
15. bbc announcer (0:14)

another concert by the mel ‘n’ george partnership, from the same tour as my previous torrent, still available at

lineage: bbc fm>teac r2r (dolby) @7.5ips>wave>flac

sample:  t04 accentuate the positive.mp3

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  1. !JE9Sz-G1YYsTgayawSmkjJ2L4haIJ52ZKkrcPBBDjp4

  2. A Gem! Many thanks Pete.

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