Mar 152015

a little different to what i normally post here,  i was listening to this the other day at work.  this was shared back in may 2008 up on dime by michaelz.  this would have been just around the time of the release of ‘a walk in the dark’, and they played 6 of the tracks from that album.

sweeter than the day with wayne horvitz
freight & salvage
berkeley ca
3 march 2008

wayne horvitz: piano
timothy young: electric guitar
keith lowe: contrabass
eric eagle: drums

* w/ ben goldberg – clarinet

1. intro
2. undecided
3. julian’s ballad
4. disingenuous firefight
5. love, love, love
6. a moment for andrew
7. a walk in the dark
8. waltz from woman of tokyo
9. diggin’ bones
10. inference
11. good shepherd
12. between the floors*

total time: 73:01

source: sbd (stereo feed) + mg m300s (ortf, 6′ stand @ sbd) > sd 744t > wavs
transfer: sd 744t (fw) > g5 dual mac (audacity/peak/xact) > flacs (level 8)
recording and mastering by michael zelner

sample: t03_julian’s ballad.mp3


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  1. Thanks for the post, started listening to Horvitz only recently.

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