Aug 122022

here, on the last full day of vacation, is something a little sad and sweet from the great anouar brahem.  the oud has such a lovely sound!

among other things, this vacation, i’ve moved the concert database from a popular spreadsheet program to db browser for sqlite, which i have to say is a lot quicker and easier for searching than the spreadsheet had become.

anouar brahem trio
festival grenzenlos
murnau, germany
september 2005 (exact date unknown, the festival ran 22-25 sept 2005)

anouar brahem, oud
francois couturier, piano
jean-louis matinier, accordeon

00 interview (in french)
01 le pas du chat noir (anouar brahem)
02 leila au pays du carrousel (anouar brahem)
03 pique-nique à nagpur (anouar brahem)
04 l’arbre qui voit (anouar brahem)
05 déjà la nuit (anouar brahem)
06 leila au pays du carrousel (anouar brahem)

43 minutes

thanks to lewojazz for the master

br (mp2, 320 kbps) / audacity / xact / flac 8

sample: 04 l’arbre qui voit 256k.mp3

image: an altered screenshot of a youtube video of a 2005 performance in catania by the same trio.

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  1. mdkrdoywyf

  2. Fantastic, thanks, Great!

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