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i should look at the last part of the alphabet more often.  this isn’t complete, and i’m not sure it’s in the right order, but this really is a “super group”, not much else to say.  funny, i almost never listen to herbie hancock nor either of the marsalises.  baffling, really, i’ll have to do something about that.  anyway, if you want the full recording, check the youtube link below.

vsop ii
nhk hall
tokyo, japan
19 may 1983

wynton marsalis (trumpet)
branford marsalis (tenor sax, soprano sax)
herbie hancock (grand piano)
ron carter (bass)
tony williams (drums) [how is it i can’t find a webpage for tony williams?!]

1. the sorcerer 11:04
2. ringo oiwake 8:40
3. jitterbug waltz 9:11
4. new song no. 3 8:40
5. well you needn’t 10:55
6. arboretum 9:35
7. sister cheryl 10:54

tt 1:09:02

fm-sbd > ? > cdr > eac > flac
converted to flac july, 2017 by senormogul9 using nch switch plus

– – – – – – –
this has been made available in a lot of places, actually

issued as a bootleg by hi hat, same set list and lineup, with note that it was
originally broadcast on nhk radio, see

available in mp3 format (cbr 128 kbs, sampling 44.1 khz) from pastdaily.com, at

shared in shn format on the dr.fusion blog may 2016 (file links have expired), at

it was also shared several times on dime, twice as (or similar to) this version, and twice in a
90-minute video with a slightly longer setlist in a different order (* if not included in the above).
that video (or version of it) is also on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1L4eTD-9lI

* riot
2 ringo oiwake
5 well, you needn’t
1 the sorcerer
4 new song no. 3
* opus 1.5
3 the jitterbug waltz
7 sister cheryl
6 arboretum
* hesitation set ii

sample: new song #3 256k.mp3
download: VSOP II 1983-05-19 NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan.zip

photo:  screenshot from the youtube video of this show (link above)

  3 Responses to “vsop ii – 19 may 1983, nhk hall, tokyo, japan”

  1. biklyxluzq

  2. this is a HIGH CLASS formation
    there’s no need to compare one and another
    I enjoy very much both

    just think about that, you and your brother are going to sub in for Freddie Hubbard and Wayne Shorter..

    Sister Cheryl i think is a Tony Williams’ composition
    it’s a beautiful tune

    thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Pete, This is excellent, thanks very much, and also gives us another glimpse of what Mulgrew Miller termed “one of the geniuses of this music”, Tony Williams, one of the greatest drummers and musicians in jazz. Perhaps as you’ve not reached W yet on your alphabetical programme, a Tony Williams show (with his quintet with Miller?) might be appropriate…although unfortunate for Jessica Williams (no relation), Joe Wilder, Ben Webster, Barney Wilen, Cassandra Wilson, Phil Woods…’Sister Cheryl’ is indeed a Tony Williams composition!

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