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i know i’ve said before things like “what is it with groups led by drummers?”  maybe, just maybe, i like drums more than i realize.  anyway here’s another one!

ok, so, and this is a bit freaky, doing the internet research on this, guess who’s at snug harbour in new orleans this tuesday?  yes, stanton moore, with david torkanowsky & james singleton.

i like the look of the cotton club in tokyo.  the photo reminds me of a jazz club in seoul, the once in a blue moon, that i went to a number of times, many of them with a good friend of ours (and at least once with him & his son as well).  nice memories.

nb – don’t be fooled by the ‘volume adjustment’ in the notes; you still need to turn this all the way up.  the original volume must have been in the basement.

stanton moore jazz trio
cotton club
tokyo, japan
21 november 2014

stanton moore (ds)
david torkanowsky (p)
james singleton (b)

1st show
01. intro. 00:59
02. carnival 11:10
03. drftin’ 13:22
04. the chase 10:58
05. lauzen z 12:37
06. (title unknown) 08:37
07. (title unknown) 11:04
08. (title unknown) 03:47
09. (title unknown) 05:31

2nd show
01. intro. 01:19
02. paul barbarin?fs second line 07:52
03. (title unknown) 12:38
04. in the keyhole 09:33
05. (title unknown) 10:38
06. (title unknown) 06:34
07. magnolia triangle 08:57
08. (title unknown) 07:14
09. tchefunkta 13:01
10. (title unknown) 09:58

tt 2:45:48

source: dsm-6s/l > pcm d-50 (wav 96khz/24bit)
transfer: pcm d-50 > usb > pc > sound engine free > wav(44.1khz/16bit) > tlh > flac
edit: volume adjustment, format conversion(wav 44.1khz/16bit), tracking

sample: t07 unknown.mp3
download:  StantonMoore_2014-11-21_CottonClub_Tokyo.zip
no covers. photo above was in the files seeded on dime.

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  2. HUGE THX!…

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