Jan 242016

i recently ran across avidemux, “a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks”.  i actually only use it for demuxing the audio streams of video downloads, but recommend it over the other demux options that i’ve tried.  i’m not interested in video editing, i don’t want to change the audio format at all (except for listening in my car ^^ )… i just want an unchanged, demuxed copy of the audio stream.  and avidemux seems to do just that, quickly, and even lets you pick which audio stream if there’s more than one.  there have been a few shows that wouldn’t demux – i’m not sure why – but generally it’s worked great.


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Dec 102015

i’ve started using a download manager, and am moving the links into the posts themselves.

all the old links (in the comments) to external sites have now been replaced with internal links in the posting, so all shows are hosted here. if you find one that i’ve overlooked, let me know & i’ll update the posting with a link hosted here.

why this change? well, it’s a better way for me to manage the .zip files (esp. since i’ve stopped using firedrive)… and i’m curious about each shows download count (but not about your ip address).

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May 282015

well, my main hdd crashed just after my last posting, and i’ve been restoring everything that was on there.  lost a few recent downloads from dime, but that’s about it… it does pay to have regular backups, you know.  in the process, have been writing a powershell script to correct the time-date stamps on all my folders.  worked pretty well; only around 150 items out of 2700 failed to update, so far, but there’s almost that many again still to go.

anyway, back in the swing of things again as the summer heat starts to ramp up here in seoul, korea.

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Oct 072014

seems firedrive is down again…  and i’ve got most of my files hosted there.

if you’re trying to download something and it’s a link to firedrive, post a message & i’ll upload a .zip file to another location.

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Aug 092014

Audio_cablei’ve been meaning to try recording from online audio (e.g. webcasts / realplayer /etc) for some time.  one simple method is just to hook up your audio-in and audio-out outlets with a “male-to-male” audio cable.  which i happen to have (and have had for years… guess i’m totally lame that it’s take so long to try this).

anyway, i ran across the u.s. library of congress national jukebox, and inspired by a concert i was listening to recently which had song with lyrics by p.g. wodehouse, i thought it was time to give it a try.  the national jukebox streams using adobe flash player — looks as if the music is in mp3 format, no idea what quality.

so, hooked up the cables, fired up audacity, and recorded a couple of songs.  came out very well!  here’s a copy of “nesting time in flatbush” from 1917, featuring soprano ada jones & tenor billy murray, music by jerome kern & lyrics by p.g. wodehouse.

original vinyl (were records on vinyl in 1917?) > www.loc.gov > audacity > mp3

or download the mp3.

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Jun 182014

i just downloaded “lester young – complete unreleased live recordings” over at ubu roi (http://ubu-space.blogspot.com/), and am listening to it now.  well, part of it… it’s over 16 hours (!) of unreleased music by ‘prez’.  this may take a few days, a couple of listens.  ubu only shared it in mp3, not flac, but they’re at 192kbps, 44.1mhz and as ubu says on his blog “often with such old and non hi-fi recordings, the quality difference is barely noticeable at all…”

indeed, the shows sound very good (disclaimer:  i use a tv with built-in speakers as a computer monitor; on the other hand, the monitor is only around 60cm/2feet away, so the speakers aren’t being pushed).  lets just say i’ve enjoyed some audience recordings that were worse… much worse.

so… thanks, ubu!

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Apr 222014

fedorai ran across the 100 greatest bootlegs blog recently.  like my blog, it shares only in flac (free lossless audio codec) format, but doesn’t have a lot of jazz.

i don’t claim to be sharing anything that might remotely be described as “the greatest”… just whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

but “100 greatest bootlegs” is a great idea and gets a big tip o’ the hat from me (even if i question the sad dearth of jazz in their selection).  as does the all-to-rare use of flac, so many such blogs sharing low-quality mp3.

also like my site, the 100-greatest blog doesn’t share commercial releases, saying that “the music available for download on this blog has not been released officially by the artists and record companies. If any forthcoming releases contain music available here the links will be removed and the post kept for informative purposes only”.

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