Sep 282016

center-coverthis is for an old college friend of mine.  the zip files are only going to be available for a couple of days (until he downloads the files). the comments below & the picture (cd cover?) are from the original seed.

i don’t listen to this sort of thing anymore, but i must say:  these songs have held up very well.  a quick check of the sound quality turned into listening to the whole show.  “one never knows, do one?”

the monkees
pantages theater
hollywood, los angeles, california, usa
september 16, 2016

micky dolenz
michael nesmith
peter tork
+ backing band

lineage: q2 zoom>unknown equilization>flac>wav>cdwave (for tracking)>flac (level 8 using traders little helper)
taped by elliott marx

set one (54:15):

01 intro
02 last train to clarksville
03 papa gene’s blues
04 your auntie grizelda
05 saturday’s child
06 she
07 a little bit me, a little bit you
08 she makes me laugh
09 the girl i knew somewhere
10 sometime in the morning
11 me & magdalena
12 shades of gray
13 randy scouse git
14 for pete’s sake
15 you bring the summer
16 listen to the band
17 what am i doin’ hangin’ round

set two (57:22):

18 mary mary
19 circle sky
20 porpoise song
21 long title: do i have to do this all over again
22 words
23 sunny girlfriend
24 (i’m not your) steppin’ stone
25 you just may be the one
26 you told me
27 birth of an accidental hipster
28 goin’ down
29 d.w. washburn
30 tapioca tundra
31 daydream believer
32 pleasant valley sunday
33 i’m a believer

notes: this was billed as michael nesmith’s final performance with the monkees – he has appeared sporadically in guest slots during their on-going 50th anniversary tour, but, peter tork had a family emergency that precluded his ability to perform in arizona, so, nesmith stepped in. this was the perfect lead in to this show – tork returned and nesmith had two previous shows to “warm up”. the result has monkee fans all over the internet in a tizzy; this was a fabulous performance with a once in a lifetime setlist which was completely different from what they had been playing the entire tour, and even different from the previous two shows that tork missed.

rhino records owns the rights to the monkees’ catalogue, and, they have already announced that this show was neither filmed nor profess- ionally recorded – fortunately, amateur archivist elliott marx took it upon himself to record the show “from start to finish” and shared this recording on facebook. i asked him if he was able to share the lossless files and he shared them via webtransfer; i took his flac files – which, he noted, he had equalized and added fades; it also sounds like he used the auto setting on the mic levels – and extracted to wav to track in cdwave, then re-encoded back to flac to share here on dime.

this is a stunning performance, featuring four songs from their outstanding new album “good times!” including the universally hailed “me & magdalena”, which was written by ben gibbard from death cab for cutie. the recording itself is very strong, especially by monkee fan standards; it’s very clear and enjoyable for the hardcore fan and casual listener alike. as it stands, the recording is a document of historical import in the world of monkee fans, as this is the end of the road for the living members of the band; micky and peter continued the tour in las vegas without papa nez.

please don’t profit from this transfer – share it, post it, give it away, but, don’t make money off of it.

sample: t02 last train to clarksville.mp3  t33 im a believer.mp3