Jan 302020

here’s a change of pace, something i’ve listened to a couple of times this week.  hope you like it too.

trio gesing meyer rohrer

pks villa
bad ischl, austria
21. september 2017

klaus gesing
ss, bs-cl

björn meyer

samuel rohrer

dfm (mp2, 256 kbps, 48 khz) > wav (44,1 khz) > wavelab > flac

thanks to lewojazz for this recording (and any of his others of course)!


sample: t03 unknown title.mp3
download: Download

Mar 142018

travelling again.  i brought a long an ssd usb drive that i’d stocked up with a bunch of music at some point in the past.  kind of interesting – what was i listening to, more or less, almost exactly 2 years ago?  there was a while when susanne abbuehl was a regular in the rotation in the car, but a bit earlier if memory serves…  uploaded in dec 2009 by ‘bleyplay’, so maybe a good bit earlier.  whatever, it still works for me, and listening to it again i remember track 5, “mane na”, was a favorite (and i still love it, so two samples today).  anyway, this show is around 6 months after, and with the same line-up as, her first album.

www.susanneabbuehl.com  or at ecm records

susanne abbuehl
espace culturel du parc de drancy, paris, france
april 5, 2002

susanne abbuehl – vocal
wolfert brederode – piano, harmonium, melodica
christof may – clarinet, bass clarinet
samuel rohrer – drums, percussion

1. maggie and millie and molly and may (abbuehl) 6:18
2. yes is a pleasant country (abbuehl) 6:58
3. all i need (abbuehl) 3:49
4. setting my new sales (abbuehl) 5:31
5. mane na (p. atre) 6:09
6. ida lupino (c. bley) 9:40
7. ’round midnight (monk) 4:47
8. let it go (abbuehl) 8:41

total time: 51:53

source: fm>cd-rec.>flac

sample:  t04 setting my new sales.mp3 and  t05 mane na.mp3
download: SusanneAbbuehl_2002-04-05_EspaceCulturelParcDrancy_ParisFR.zip