Apr 282019

despite having a couple of their albums, i’d forgotten about this show!  but it was close to william parker alphabetically (if in few other ways) & so i noticed it.  a lovely performance of “old-time jazz, klezmer, cabaret”, as timsmith described it.  if you like this, i’d also recommend the man overboard quintet (which also features louisa jones & ewan bleach), but i’m not familiar with their other projects.

whiskey moon face
masterskaya (workshop)
moscow, russia
7 oct 2014

louisa jones – accordion, vocals, double bass
dakota jim – double bass, vocals, accordion
ewan bleach – clarinet, saxophone
maxim tartakovsky – trombone, guitar

29 tracks, no setlist.

the setlist contains a lot of songs from their album “one blinding dusky dusk” (sets 1&2) and some other jazz numbers (set3).

taped by: timsmith
show source: ca-14 (o) -> ca-ubb -> sony pcm-m10 (24/44, micin)
transfer: sdhc card -> original wavs -> sound forge 9 (eq, normalize, fades, dither) -> 16/44 wavs -> cd wave editor -> tlh -> flac16


sample: t108.mp3t204.mp3
download: WhiskeyMoonFace_2014-10-07_MoscowRussia.zip