Apr 162022

proving that too much is not enough, here’s this delightful show from edmar castañeda & joe locke, on harp and vibes — probably my two least favorite instruments in jazz, and yet, and yet…  the info file has mr. castañeda playing both colombian and classical harp.  i’m not sure what the difference is, and the internet didn’t help – “celtic harp” keeps popping up when i try to find out; i suppose i shouldn’t complain, living in ireland as i do, but still.  btw, this was shared in 96/16 which wouldn’t play for me, so i’ve re-encoded to 48/16.

edmar castañeda & joe locke duo
jazz standard
new york city, ny
26 may 2010

edmar castañeda – colombian harp, classical harp *
joe locke – vibes #

01. between strings 9:03
02. announcer ec, jl/ swords of whispers 11:30
03. casa de mar 9:45
04. jesus of nazareth 8:06 *
05. love is a planchet 12:14
06. title 9:25
07. blame it on my youth #
08. announcer ec, jl/hummingbirds 11:54


source: source: audience
sound: a

unknown aud source (flac) > ffmpeg (decode flac > wav 96/16
> ffmpeg (re-encode to wav 48/16) > wav 48/16 > trader’s little helper
> flac > foobar2000 (meta-data) > flac

note re 48/16 wav conversion
this wouldn’t play except in vlc media player. the flacs decoded to wav files with
cbr 3072 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 96.0 khz; bit depth 16 bits
i re-encoded the wav files to these specifications
cbr 1536 kbs; 2 channels; sampling 48.0 khz; bit depth 16 bits
and then converted to new (and renamed) flacs using foobar2000. the new files were
renamed to add the song titles to the file names. fresh ffp & md5 files, obviously.

sample: EdmarCastaneda_Joe_Locke_2010-05-26_JazzStandard t03 Casa de Mar
download: EdmarCastaneda_Joe_Locke_2010-05-26_JazzStandardNYC(48-16).zip

photo:  screenshot of youtube video of joe locke & edmar castaneda, live at jazz standard nyc, performing “entre cuerdas”; date unknown