Oct 122021

we’ll come back to “g” later, the only thing that i had stashed in the cloud was an april 1966 gunter hampel show which is still up on inconstant sol (pro tip: go get it!).  so on to “h”, with and all too short performance at studio 105, paris, by the hanna paulsberg quartet.  (somehow i always think of studio 104, not 105. poor old 105!)

there’s a nice write-up of the show, with some pics (including the one to the right) at jazzmagazine.com, that ended on a note i quite like, “a very nice discovery for all the spectators, obviously won over (just like yours truly), and the hope of hearing this great musician again”.

unrelated to any of that, open culture has an article watch jaco pastorius: the lost tapes documentary, the fan-made film on the most innovative bass player of all time that might be of interest.  (i’ve not actually watched it yet, but open culture is a pretty good site, so i have high hopes.)

finally, is it just me or is myspace a total waste of time?  never go there and can find out anything, even when i’m on the right page.  like, i don’t even link to it now.  #InternetSearchPerils anyone?

hanna paulsberg quartet
studio 105 de la maison de la radio
paris, france
21 jan 2017

hanna paulsberg – ts
oscar gonberg – p
trygve waldemar fiske – b
hans hulbaekmo – dr

01. hemulen (paulsberg) 09:55
02. ayumi (paulsberg) 09:44
03. totem får snø (paulsberg) 08:34
04. catalan boy (paulsberg) 08:19
05. eastern smiles (paulsberg) 09:13

tt 45:46

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – france musique]


sample: t01 hemulen 256k.mp3
download: HannaPaulsberg_2017-01-21_Studio105_ParisFrance.zip

the photo is a cropped shot taken from the page mentioned above.