Apr 282019

william parker’s music demands my attention.  so i don’t listen while working, reading, or anything really.  rashly, i put this on yesterday, kind of at random, and didn’t get much done for an hour.  good to do that once in a while, we all should probably do that more often.

william parker raining on the moon
new york is now! festival
auditorium parca della musica – viale pietro de coubertin
rome, italy
april 4, 2004

william parker (b) [& bandcamp link]
rob brown (as)
lewis flip barnes (tp)
hamid drake (d)
leena conquest (voc)

1. soul that died (24:16)
2. feet song (15:45)
3. james baldwin to the rescue (11:24)
4. bowl of stone around the sun (10:02)
5. unknown (10:17)

fm? > ? > cdr > eac > flac

sample: t04 bowl of stone around the sun.mp3
download: WilliamParker_2004-04-04_RomeItaly.zip