Jul 042014

LillianBoutteComboZaire_w_PeeWeeEllis 2012-06-27_screenshothere’s one that was shared by ‘doyadig’ back in june 2012 (actually just 2 days after the show).  a very nice recording that sort of knocked me back… i listen to almost everything that i get (so re-listens are not that common), and this one was one of those rare “wow, if i’d ‘a heard this, i’d ‘a remembered it”.  there are a couple of very short avi files (shot with a smartphone) that are nice as well, but the music is all flac of course.

and what about my break, mentioned in my last post… ah, the magic of ssd drives, and remembering that i had one just in time to throw a quick and fairly random selection of stuff on to it, particularly shows that i didn’t remember.  a strategy that paid off, say i.

as doyadig said, hope you enjoy!

lillian bouttè’s combo zaire featuring pee wee ellis
jazzascona (stage debarcadero)
ascona, switzerland
27 june 2012 (10pm)

lillian boutté vocals
pee wee ellis tenor sax
danny liet jr guitar
dan moore piano
torben bjornskor upright bass
matt brown drums

cd1 set one ( 49:00 )

01 – intro > times are gettin’ tougher than tough 06:44
02 – almost like being in love 06:05
03 – the frim fram sauce 05:21
04 – 04:27
05 – pee wee solo 06:01
06 – lipstick traces 04:24
07 – i’ve got what it takes (but it breaks my heart to give it away) 06:20
08 – wait a minute baby (?) 09:36

cd2 set two ( 56:05 )

01 – now baby or never 05:34
02 – right key wrong keyhole 06:19
03 – cry to me 05:23
04 – strong medecine 08:27
05 – i feel good 06:13
06 – something’s got a hold on me 05:45
07 – 06:06
08 – barefootin* 12:15

* jamming with members of irma thomas band

total length: 105 min 05 secs

source: sp-bmc-10 > sp-spsb-11 > roland r05 (24 bit/48 khz)
transfer: hd > cdwav (track splits) > wavepad sound editor (downsampling/fades) > tlh level 6 (encoding/fingerprints) > utorrent 3.1.3

taper: doyadig
position: 2 meters from right speakers
sound quality: i think i found the sweet spot on this one, and very little crowd noise

file size: 828 mb

i went a little offtrack from my usual tastes with this one, but i didn’t feel like staying at home the other night.  so i decided to visit this years’ jazzascona, which used to be called new orleans fest, and glad i did so.

actually, it was the presence of pee wee ellis as guest which convinced me to get on the half hour train from my place.  i missed him about a month ago when i thought he’d be backing cheikh lo at winterthurs’ afro-pfingsten, but the senegalese brought an all african band instead.

very enjoyable little show, i was right in front and the audience was very well “behaved”.  most festival visitors were sweating inside the main stage because irma thomas was performing at the same time.

included in the folder two short clips i took with my pocket camera.

hope you enjoy

sample:  t03 – the frim fram sauce.mp3

download: LillianBoutteComboZaire_w_PeeWeeEllis_2012-06-27_Ascona.zip