Mar 032018

yes, i’m a bit of sucker for music of kurt weill, of hanns eisler, and of their work with bertolt brecht.  here’s a great show that ‘unclewolfi’ shared on dime just over a year ago.  i don’t have many shows with music by hanns eisler, unfortunately.  this show, and a few tracks on a bbc proms from 1996, and his ‘hollywood elegies’ (see kate westbrook ‘good-bye peter lorre’ on this blog).  and cds of course (i just ordered a cd by karyn levitt, actually).  see the international hanns eisler society or the north american hanns eisler forum for some good cd lists.
joyce hammann

theo bleckmann, uri caine, joyce hammann, chris speed, dj olive
‘brecht reloaded’
augsburg, germany

theo bleckmann – voc
uri caine – p
joyce hammann – v
chris speed – cl
dj olive – turntables, electr

01. nanna’s lied (brecht/weill) 04:31
02. fruehling 1938 (brecht/weill) 06:59
03. bilbao song (brecht/weill) 05:58
04. als ich dich in meinem leib trug (brecht/eisler) 04:19
05. als ich dich gebar (brecht/eisler) 02:40
06. ich hab’ dich ausgetragen (brecht/eisler) 02:07
07. mein sohn, was immer auch aus dir werde (brecht/eisler) 02:31
08. liebeslied (brecht/weill) 04:46
09. du kleiner kasten, den ich fluechtend trug (brecht/eisler) 05:42
10. alama song (brecht/weill) 08:28
11. surabaya johnny (brecht/weill) 05:11
12. denn wie man sich bettet (brecht/weill) 04:25
13. hollywood elegie nr. 7 (brecht/eisler) 02:28
14. es regnet (brecht/weill) 04:10
15. kanonen song (brecht/weill) 06:44

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium s2-6400 twin hd > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – dlf]


covers by pete, using a 1957 10 pf. east german stamp, image downloaded from the internet.  covers by ‘unclewolfi’, from the dime seed, are also included.