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Moonlighters 2006-05-05 CD Front Insertat one point, when i had a bit of spare time, i was putting together a compilation of all the jazz vocals that i had.  the idea was to have just one copy of each song, with the plan (i was always sceptical here) that i’d pick my favorite if there were multiple copies.  yeah, right.  but i did get 182 different songs into a folder before the rest of my life got too busy.

so i was looking in there today for no particular reason, and found this show by the moonlighters that i’d moved there and never seen again (being too busy, etc) since downloading it in 2011.

it’s a lot of fun.  as bliss blood’s page says, “based around a core of harmonized vocal duets backed by warm acoustic instruments including hawaiian lap steel guitar, ukulele, guitar and bass, they explore traditional and classic tunes with a unique, romantic approach that is appealing to listeners of all ages.”  well, appealed to me.


the moonlighters
münchen (munich), germany
29 may 2006

bliss blood – lead vocals, ukulele
carla murray – harmony vocals, guitar
andrew hall – bass
mike neer – hawaiian steel guitar

01 (announcer)
02 big times
03 makin’ wickey wackey
04 every little raindrop
05 dirt road life
06 hold your man
07 farewell my tane
08 mission to moscow
09 broken doll
10 blauer engel
11 ticklin the strings (king bennie nawahi) > fascinatin’ rhythm (george & ira
gershwin) > /just as well let her go (casey bill weldon)
12 take a picture
13 stirred by a spoon
14 resophonic lullaby
15 ziegfeld doll
16 (announcer)
17 isn’t good night yet

trt: approx. 59 min

broadcast: zündfunk nachtmix, presented by jay rutledge
fm > md (sp mode) > wav (optical transfer, wavelab lite) > flac level 8
split into tracks using wavelab lite.

sample: t07 farewell my tane.mp3
download: Moonlighters_2006-05-05_Substanz_Munich.zip