Dec 142012

[update 2017-01-15:  i had archived this some time ago, and in checking this before re-uploading, i found that this show – or parts of it – may since have been issued 2012 on eagle records, as the abc & d of boogie woogie – live in paris. lists ‘live in paris’, noting that it was “recorded between 7th and 11th september 2010 at duc des lombards, paris”.  so… the following is no longer available here.]

this is something that i picked up back in september 2010, and that is always a favorite of mine whenever a little boogie woogie is called for. recorded from french radio by metro_cubo, it has the inevitable talkative dj, but at least he doesn’t talk over the music (as some of them do… what is it with french dj’s? they love the sound of their own voices). anyway, it’s a fantastic recording.

16 tracks, but unfortuntately no setlist

the a,b,c & d of boogie woogie
duc des lombards
paris, france
early show

charlie watts, drums
axel zwingenberger, piano
ben waters, piano
dave green, bass

tt 76:26

(no setlist)

france musique broadcast > onkyo tx-8511 fm tuner > edirol r-09 > hd via usb > sound forge 7.0 > cd wave editor > flac frontend (level 6)

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