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Dec 082019

i was listening to something else which was very good, but i got tired of it.  looking for something to cheer myself up, i noticed this show, or rather i noticed “albany, ny” and thought to myself ah, that must be one of those fantastic shows from upstate new york that csatennis has shared!  be just the thing!  and indeed it was.  csatennis had shared this in two parts, which i’ve combined into one folder (with combined info, ffp and md5 files also).  from his comments (not to mention the line ups on other recordings he’s shared), there must have been a whole busload of italian-american hard boppers in the general new york area.

charles mcpherson
albany, ny, usa
october 26, 1975

charles mcpherson – alto
frank stagnitta – piano
mike bochichio – bass
ron davis – drums

part 1
01. billie’s bounce 15:49
02. on the trail 14:04
03. blues i 15:46
04. blues ii 1:16
05. desafinado 11:38

part 2
01. cherokee 16:55
02. body and soul 10:58
03. stella by starlight 14:02
04. closer 6:29

tt 1:47:07

comments from csatennis:
if you are a mcpherson fan, this is indispensible. i have a lot of his commercially produced cds, and this
easily ranks with the best of them and better than most. the sound quality is exceptionally good.

if you think the piano player’s name is a pseudonym, it isn’t. this guy is for real, and you’ve probably
never heard of him. stagnitta could really play in those days. a resident of syracuse and graduate of
craine school of music, he was a brilliant player and student of both jazz and classical music. he obviously
had chops to spare. unfortunately, he had some emotional issues in his life and a year or so later he disappeared
from the albany area and moved to new york. he played a lot with his friend, tenor player sal nistico. according to others who have posted on dime to volume 1 of this recording, he has returned to his hometown of syracuse.

bocchicio was a well liked bass player from the nyc area and ron davis played regularly with arnie lawrence, bill watrous
and other well known nyc boppers.

the rhythm section simply kicks butt.

as for mcpherson, he is simply on fire. i think that he realized that he was playing with a group of talented
strangers and he had every intention of keeping them in line and showing them who was boss. watching this group, it was
obvious the sidemen loved the ride. so will you.

sample: p1 t02 on the trail.mp3

Nov 172016

arnie-lawrence-jack-wilkins-1976-02-09-ramada-inn-front-cover-bannerthis is another of the fantastic csatennis recordings from the schenectady, ny area in the mid to late 1970s.

he describes this as

this is an incredible recording in my opinion and perhaps my most important because it details a period on arnie lawrence’s career that has not been captured commercially.

yup.  couldn’t agree more.  this is an amazing show, and my favorite of the csatennis schenectady/albany recordings that i’ve heard.

the photos in the cover were included in the seed on dimeadozen.

arnie lawrence & jack wilkins
ramada inn
schenectady, ny usa
9 february 1976

arnie lawrence – alto, soprano
jack wilkins – guitar
mike bocchiccio – bass
ron davis – drums

v1 t01 blues 24:58
v1 t02 i love you 15:38
v1 t03 improv 23:53
v1 t04 freedom jazz dance 13:59
v1 t05 black orpheus 9:49

time 1:28:20

quality: a

v2 t01. the shadow of your smile 4:49
v2 t02. summertime 15:32
v2 t03. lover man 27:53
v2 t04. st. thomas 6:40
v2 t05. comin’ home baby 17:08

time 1:11:55

tt 2:40:15

quality: a

source: “two microphones on stage and sat with a cassette recorder at a table next to the bandstand.”
other csatennis seeds have lineage along the lines of “cassette->audacity->wav->tlc->flac”

sample: v1 t02 i love you.mp3 and v2 t02 summertime is on youtube at


Nov 282015

this is one of a number of wonderful recordings from ‘csatennis’, all in the schenectady / albany new york area, a lot of them in the ramada inn (csatennis booked a series of sunday evening concerts at the schenectady ramada inn”).  csatennis hasn’t up- or down-loaded that much on dime, comparatively speaking, but wow! fantastic shows (like this one), and often of folks who i’d not previously been aware of.  anyway, a tip ‘o the hat to csatennis.

sal nistico & nick brignola
the golden fox
albany ny, usa

sal nistico – tenor
nick brignola – alto soprano, baritone
mike canonico – trumpet
mike wicks – bass
larry jackson – drums

01. billie’s bounce 6:43
02. like someone in love 18:45
03. stella by starlight 14:36
04. by myself part 1 7:36
05. by myself part 2 4:09
06. st. thomas 14:00
07. body and soul 10:29

tt 1:16:21

sound quality b
cassette -> windows media player – > wav -> tlh – flac

from csatennis’s comments:

this was a legendary event in albany. nick and sal were great friends from their days in the woody herman band together. they were both upstate new york hard playing italian boppers.

i remember this night well. sal called nick at 3am the morning before because he was drunk and fell on his horn, bending some keys. he tried to fix it with a fork, but that was fruitless so he needed to borrow nick’s tenor.

sal took a bus up from ny and dropped over to my house where he shared an ample supply of some very strong weed. then we began our trek to the club, nearly getting lost.

sal hadn’t been at a real session in a while and it was like letting out a caged animal. he just exploded as you can tell from this recording.

nick pretty much kept up with him and the two of them had a great time going after each other.

the rest of the band was a local rhythm section that played with nick at a lot of local bop gigs. this recording was made by the late sal maida who was the pianist on the gig.

hope you enjoy!


sample: t03 stella by starlight.mp3


Feb 162014

i don’t normally listen to a lot of fusion… hardly any in fact.  i was randomly playing shows that i’d downloaded from dime in the past few years, and put on this one, which i’d downloaded around a year ago.  just the right thing for a cold february day while working on my taxes!

i’ve included the comments by the seeder “csatennis” unchanged.  there are 5 tracks, but csatennis didn’t know the titles to any of them (nor do i)

barry miles live at the ramada inn schenectady, ny usa
july 11, 1976

barry miles – keyboards
vic juris – guitar
jim schuller – bass
terry silverlight – drums

sound quality a(-)

there are 5 songs on this first cd. i don’t know any of the titles as they are originals and for the most part he didn’t introduce the songs. if any of you know them from his recordings, please let me know.

i have 3 parts to this performance. at the time barry was leading a group with his brother terry silverlight. ed schuller is a competent bass player and son of famed composer gunther schuller. vic juris has become a well respected jazz guitarist.

this was a really tight group somewhat in the spirit of the earlier chick corea rtf groups. many people have suggested that miles was actually the one who introduced fusion, having begun his explorations in the early 60’s.

miles is an impressive player, both on accoustic and electric and sythesizer. silverlight fits him like a glove. juris was an impressive guitarist even back then.

most of the groups that i brought into the ramada inn were really more headliners with a rhythm section hired to support them and an occassional horn player as a sparring partner. this was one of the few organized groups that we had there.

miles had recorded several lps for milestone records, and his father was a very dedicated salesman and manager of the group. i think that they had expected to achieve the kind of stardom that jean luc ponty and al dimeola had, but it never happened. miles moved on to london records to record a couple fusion records, but he never really received the acclaim he wanted.

as with my other recordings in the ramada inn series, the artists allowed me to put a couple mikes up on stage with them so that i could record on my cassette deck.

as i have said in my prior entries, i have several more recordings to upload from this two year long series of sunday concerts. that includes two more from barry miles. if you want to be notified when others are uploaded, send your email address to [email address removed] and i will add you to my distribution list.

sample:  cd1t01 unknowns.mp3