Jul 192014

here’s a nice show that i was listening to this morning.


susie arioli
sunset, paris, france
22 september 2012

susie arioli, vocals
cameron wallis, saxophone
jordan officer, guitar
bill gossage, bass
tony albino, drums

01- here’s that rainy day
02- time after time
03- ut
04- there’s a love in my life
05- it’s always you
06- my funny valentine
07- ut (fades in)
08- come rain or come shine
09- i fall in love too easily
10- pennies from heaven
11- ut
12- mari et femme
13- un jour de différence
14- when your lover has gone
15- ut
16- la mer
17- ut


source : tsf (fm) / uniti / rh-09r / audacity / xact

sample:  t05_its_always_you.mp3
download: SusieArioli_2012-09-22_Sunset_ParisFrance.zip

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