Aug 152021

despite having recordings of several shows by the moutin brothers, they only floated into my active notice recently.  here’s a less-recent show, from marciac 2010.  this is a very good recording, but seems to fade in which suggests that we’re missing part of the show. actually, the moutin brothers and the belmondo brothers have both recently shot up to my favorites in french jazz.  have to share a belmondo show as well, after i’m back from my little vacation.

moutin reunion quartet
marciac, france
7 aug 2010

louis moutin – drums
françois moutin – contrabass
rick margitza – sax
pierre de bethman – piano

01-ut 6:09
02-ut 6:43
03-ut 15:08
04-ut 8:28
05-ut 14:42

tt 51:10

fip broadcast fm
fm > computer > magixstudio > flac8

sample: t02 unknown title 256k.mp3

image is from, from a performance by the moutin factory quintet.  used without permission.

  5 Responses to “moutin reunion quartet – 7 aug 2010, marciac, france”

  1. sisylgzpbw

  2. There is an issue with the Zip file. Can you please check?

  3. i´ve uploaded a fresh zip file. the password above is still valid.

    only around 80% of the original file had uploaded, i’m not sure why.


  4. 01 – Momentum
    02 – Blessed and Cursed
    03 – Sold Answers
    04 – Depths Light
    05 – Mr. N.R.

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