Mar 282021

here’s something a little more contemplative (is that the word i’m looking for?), which was on the play list early this last week.  this sort of thing can be very difficult to listen to live:  your mind starts to wander and in the end you attention drifts away down little sidetracks.  this is not a bad thing, quite the contrary, but i don’t end up feeling that i’ve really heard the music.

i’m currently re-reading vanity fair by william makepeace thackeray, keeping just that little bit ahead of the tv dramatization, both of which i heartily recommend, though as so often in these cases, the book wins out: thackeray’s voice doesn’t really come through in the series.  this is made all the more fun by remembering very little except, at every moment, what the next half-chapter will bring.

sigurd hole trio
bad honnef, germany
11. oct 2018

håkon aase – v
sigurd hole – b
jarle vespestad – dr

01. open intro > azzahra (sigurd hole) 12:14
02. slow dance (sigurd hole) 07:52
03. dance in seven (sigurd hole) 08:02
04. announcement sigurd hole 00:28
05. sakura (sigurd hole) 06:02
06. old branches (sigurd hole) 05:23
07. glimmer (sigurd hole) 08:11
08. road song (håkon aase) 09:46
09. red sky (sigurd hole) 10:41
10. announcement sigurd hole 00:21
11. no clouds (sigurd hole) 05:41

source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(ac3/448 kbps) [radio station – wdr 3]

sample: t03 dance in seven.mp3

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  1. nyidffvkos

  2. Thanks for this – contemplative can definitely suffer sometimes, but that’s when I find that I need to stop doing things and just sit down and listen. Not all music demands that in the same way.

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