Mar 252021

what i was listening to for most of yesterday, when not on phone calls that is!  this is the only show that i have with john handy as leader, but at around 3 hours (!)…  very refreshing!

john handy quintet
storyville jazz club
san francisco, ca usa
31 march 1997

jerry hahn – guitar
don thompson – bass & piano
terry clarke – drums
michael white – electric violin
john handy – sax

set one

01. s1t01 – intros 01:13.09
02. s1t02 – unidentified 15:12.60
03. s1t03 – cherokee > it could happen to you 24:24.48
04. s1t04 – john talks & band intros 07:23.58
05. s1t05 – announced as traditional american music 13:15.01
06. s1t06 – the spanish lady 19:55.03
07. s1t07 – band intros 00:52.31

set two

08. s2t01 – intro & tuning 02:07.50
09. s2t02 – new thing 22:20.44
10. s2t03 – i will leave you 18:46.12
11. s2t04 – unidentified 15:14.53
12. s2t05 – unidentified 15:48.26
13. s2t06 – if only we knew 23:38.71
14. s2t07 – band intros 02:12.05

total: 182:25.21

this is a 16 bit 44.1khz file set.
multi-track “live mix” recorded by peter oshman & marcus buick
audacity was used for trimming, tracking and global gain adjustment

brief spot of diginoise on s1t06 ~16:40

sample: s1t06 the spanish lady.mp3

  5 Responses to “john handy quintet – storyville jazz club, san francisco, ca, usa”

  1. klcqrwosoq

  2. Thanks for this Pete – sessions with Handy are relatively scarce, so I’m looking forward to hearing this one!!! By the way, the .flac/.zip issue seems to have gone away…don’t know what caused it, don’t know why it receded…

  3. Many thanks for this gem – I’ve always loved the 1960s albums by this band. There’s something about that sax/violin/guitar front line that I find appealing. For those who want more, there’s a fairly obscure but excellent recording of the 1994 “reunion” of this group called Live at Yoshi’s Nightspot. Definitely worth a listen. – Marco

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