Mar 052021

here’s another of the occasional posts of shows only very recently on dime.  enjoy!

also in the news, i’ve caught up the postings page — over 400 posts, and a slightly greater number of shows (when you consider a few multi-show postings and the occasional ‘twofer’).

purple is the color
vienna, austria

simon raab – p
stepán flagar – sax
martin kocián – b
michal wierzgon – dr
marc vogel – narration

disc 1
01. klamauk (simon raab) 05:54
02. announcement simon raab 00:52
03. light epic (michal wierzgon) 01:51
04. techno epic (michal wierzgon) 05:30
05. announcement simon raab 00:09
06. sophie (simon raab) 04:49
07. hashtag (simon raab) 01:51
08. the last one (stepan flagar) 07:00
09. announcement simon raab 00:58
10. london (simon raab) 08:33
11. announcement simon raab 00:12
12. unsearchable (simon raab) 03:36
13. loophole (michal wierzgon) 05:31
14. announcement simon raab 00:14

disc 2
01. anniroc (simon raab) 08:01
02. when i see your face (martin kocian) 11:07
03. announcement simon raab 01:48
04. unmasked (simon raab) 17:39
05. don’t know what to give (simon raab) 08:54

source: dvb-s > digital devices cine s2 v7a twin tuner > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station – oe1]

sample: dtt08 the last one.mp3

  3 Responses to “purple is the color – 16-oct-2020, radiokulturhaus, vienna, austria”

  1. zciswgdrza

  2. Hi Pete, Apologies for my lack of comments lately – I’ve still had lingering issues downloading the .zips, which some Deux ex Machina turns into .flacs, from the site. However, this one zipped just fine, thanks…and I just wanted to say a big thank you for these posts, they’re great, and it’s always good to have New Thangs to listen to or more live gigs of old favourites who, in fact, never really grow old if they’re playing well!!! Hope all is well with you and you remain COVID-free, Cheers, MonkSpheres

    • hi yourself! no worries about not commenting (though it’s always appreciated!). very true about old favorites who never really grow old! and that can work in funny ways, like giovanni mirabassi’s cd “animessi”, which is mostly music from children’s films by hayao miyazaki / studio ghibli (which you should totally watch all of if you have not). so now, mirabassi’s excellent jazz versions of those tunes, so familiar from just a few years ago, are regulars in the dinner music rotation. anyway, all well, staying covid-free and hope you’re the same.

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