Sep 132020

here’s something that i was listening to on thursday.  enjoy!

george gruntz group
dracula club
st. moritz, switzerland
22 july 2011

franco ambrosetti (flugelhorn, announcement)
tobias preisig (violin)
george gruntz (piano, announcements)
herbie kopf (bass)
pius baschnagel (drums)

01 jean tinguely calypso (piano solo) – 4:11
02 george gruntz announcement – 3:40
03 so if love’s a triumph of illusion (piano solo) – 4:37
04 franco’s delight (flugelhorn + piano) – 10:35
05 unknown (piano + violin) – 2:58
06 you don’t know what love is (piano + violin) – 11:08
07 lock-lo-motion (piano, bass + drums) – 8:31
08 all blues – 7:40

tt 53:23

lineage: radio broadcast drs2 (2011-10-14) –> digital cable –> cd-r –> hard disc –> cd wave editor (editing, tracking) –> trader’s little helper (flac 8)

recorded by drs
very good sound quality

sample:  track 04.mp3

  3 Responses to “george gruntz group – 22 july 2011, dracula club, st. moritz, switzerland”

  1. stztygzldo

  2. Thanks very much for this – I recall seeing Gruntz only once, a Big Band concert in Berlin that was indulgent and overlong, but I’m looking forward to a smaller group situation and Ambrosetti should be very good too.

  3. George Gruntz great musician, great person! Fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to know him!

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